Synthetic Detergent Grade Zeolites (Hydrated Alumino Sodium Silicates) is
alkaline material, which are similar to natural minerals, during Lab testing found
zeolite to be highly effective builders. Zeolite 4-A widely used as detergent binder
or builder. Zeolite-4A is Phosphate free, highly efficient and eco-friendly. A
multifunctional builder in laundry detergents, compatible with other components
in detergent formulations. Apart from zeolite’s high calcium exchange capacity
which reduces water hardness, its high liquid carrying capacity allows formulators
to add maximum amount of liquid surfactants to keep the detergent free flowing
and increase detergency.

Safe ecological properties, synthetic Zeolites have been accepted as environmentally compatible builders. Shape of Zeolite-4A is cubical shape with rounded corners and edges, Zeolite-4A crystals do not remain on fabrics and are easily removed on water rinsing. The unwanted water soluble dirt molecules are absorbed on Zeolite particles. It coagulates the colloidal dirt and pigments causing easy removal. The presence of Zeolite-4A does not interfere with the bio-degradation of Linear Alkyl Benzene sulphonate (LAS is Important application products are household detergents, such as laundry powders, laundry liquids, dishwashing products and all-purpose cleaners). Zeolite-4A particles tend to form aggregate with other sewage constituents and are largely eliminated in the pre-sedimentation of sewage treatment.

Zeolite-4A is formulated in detergents to the extent of 25-30%.

Zeolites are effective fire retardant compound, heat retardant compound in PVC. Now a day wildly use in PVC industries. Zeolite Used as an additive in poultry, cattle and shrimp feed. Using zeolites in animal feed results in improved animal growth and weight gain by increasing the food conversion rate. It also reduces odour and aids in digestion and nutrient absorption which improves the quality of milk, eggs etc, Zeolites are used to improve the optical properties, brightness, whiteness, bulkiness and printability of paper. For the Paint Industries Use of zeolites enhances optical brightness and whiteness.

Formula:  x(Na2O)·y(Al2O3)·z(SiO2)·w(H2O)
Aperture:  4A

Zeolite-4A has been used successfully in the manufacture of detergents since last so many years in India And worldwide. It replaced builders based on polyphosphates (STPP), whose indiscriminate use led to adverse environmental phenomena such as water eutrophication. Since then, ZEOLITE 4A has formed part of most powder detergents and in-wash boosters, acting as a water softener through the exchange of calcium and magnesium ions, providing alkalinity.

Detergents are required for many important washing processes, such as: metal cleaning, Oil cleaning & degreasing, dishwashing, domestic or industrial clothes washing and floor cleaning. In all this sector, alkaline sodium silicates and zeolite- 4A play a particularly important role due to their outstanding detersive properties, among which are, their capacity to precipitate/ complex calcium and other cations, their alkalinity and pH buffer effect and the possibility of neutralizing and saponification fats and oils. Zeolite-4A is the ecological builder of the majority of powdered detergents for domestic washing, replacing other phosphate-based builders (STPP). Sodium silicates are used as stabilisers in formulations of hydrogen peroxide-based bleaching products and in most detergents for washing clothes due to their alkaline effect and effect of protecting the metal elements in washing machines. Zeolite-4A is a fine powder material, Lower density with great whiteness and insoluble in water. Zeolite-4A powder is used to prepare molecular sieve powder/granules 4A. Zeolite- 4A can absorb molecules with critical kinetic diameter less than 4 angstroms (0.4 nm). Synthetic zeolites are the most preferable additives for various manufacturing industries such as detergents, PVC, animal feed, ceramic, paper, paint etc.


  • White powder insoluble in water.
  •  Excellent ion-binding properties on aqueous medium.
  •  High capacity for the absorption of liquids.
  •  Good effectiveness, even at low dosages.
  •  Not harmful to human beings or the environment.

Our prominent clients belong to the following industries:

  • Detergent/Soap manufacturing Industries.
  • P.V.C Industries
  • Metal Industries
  • Catalysts.
  • Petroleum Processing Industries
  • chemical reaction agent in chemical Industries
  • water treatment chemical Industries

Zeolite-4A is used by our clients for following applications:

  • Detergent, Cleaning, wash boosters Compounds
  • Zeolite is substitute for STTP in phosphate-free detergents.
  • Zeolite Use as Surfactant carrier.
  • Zeolite Use as a humidity absorber
  • A heavy metal sequestering agent in waste waters, due to its excellent cation-sequestering and buffering properties in the medium, by exchange of its sodium ions.
  • Oil removing and degreasing purpose.
  • P.V.C fire retardant and heat retardant compound.
  • Preservative
  • Catalysts converter.
  • West water treatments.
  • Water purification & toxic heavy metal removal.
  • Gas Adsorption and separation (3A,4A,5A)
  • Raw material of activated molecular sieve powder-4A.
  • Automotive emission control
  • Industrial flue gas purification
  • Odor removal from plastic compounds and masterbatches
  • Processing of chemicals and fine-chemicals
  • Production of fuels from renewable sources
  • Production of petrochemical intermediates
  • Heat management
  • Separation of aromatics.
  • Solvent drying, purification.
  • Oil purification
  • Purification of Polymer plant feed
  • Purification of kerosene and jet fuel
  • Purification of air in insulated windows (double windows)
  • Zeolite use in Paper Industry as fillers to improve the optical properties, bulkiness and printability of paper
  • Zeolite use in Paint Industry to enhances optical brightness
  • Zeolite Use as an additive in poultry, cattle and shrimp feed.

We offer to our valuable Client:

  • Modifying our standard zeolite powders as per customer requirements
  •  Scaling up your laboratory-scale zeolite recipe to commercial production
  •  Developing and producing zeolites that meet your needs for entirely new

Shreenath Marketing zeolite specialists provide comprehensive technical support in selecting, modifying, developing, and incorporating the optimal zeolite into a diverse range of applications. During a custom research project, we follow a rigorous protocol to maintain confidentiality and to protect our customers’ intellectual property. Our Internal team makes sure all project information remains confidential.

We transport the product in following packaging options:

  • 10 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg, 600 kg, 1000 kg P.P water proof bag
  •  100-120 Kg P.P/M.S vacuum Drums
  •  Full Truck Load
  •  IBC Tanks
  • Bulk Shipping (container)


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