Sodium Silicate Gel

We offer sodium silicate in liquid form for specific industrial application where the liquid property of the chemical is highly effective. We manufacture high quality silicates that are produced to match our customer’s expectations. For special requirements, we customize the liquid so that it can be integrated with highest efficacy with the products of our clients.

Sodium silicate Gel Uses:

Sodium silicate board application is widely popular across the market. The largest use of this solution is in the production of cardboard. Other uses of sodium silicate include:

  • It is used at wastewater treatment units in the form of an iron flocculant and even as alum coagulant.

  • Sodium silicate finds usage in the form of a fixative in the hand dyeing procedure.

  • It is used for the preservation of food and even in aquaculture and home-brewing.

  • Sodium silicate is also in use in the field of pottery.