Product Information

ZEOLITE- 13X are crystalline, Alkaline, porous alumino sodium silicates of
synthetic origin. These inorganic solids, also known as "molecular sieves & quot; have a
wide variety of compositions and crystalline structures that define their
properties and make them highly attractive in numerous applications::

zeolites for adsorption have crystalline structures (3A, 4A and 5A, 13X) with porosity within a range of 3 to 10 Angstrom (Å) and excellent water and polar molecules adsorption properties, making them suitable for use in stream and solvent desiccation and purification, CO2 capture, desulfurization of natural gas, hydrocarbon separation, oxygen enrichment etc. Zeolite-3A powder is used to prepare molecular sieve powder/granules 3A. Zeolite- 3A can absorb molecules with critical diameter less than 3 angstroms (0.3 nm).


  •  White powder insoluble in water.
  •  Crystalline structure.
  •  Excellent ion-binding properties on aqueous medium.
  •  High capacity for the Gas absorption and separation.
  •  Good effectiveness, even at low dosages.
  •  Not harmful to human beings or the environment.

Our prominent clients belong to the following industries:

  • Detergent/Soap manufacturing Industries.
  • P.V.C Industries
  • Metal Industries
  • Catalyst Industries
  • Petroleum Processing Industries
  • petrochemical Processing Industries.
  • chemical reaction agent in chemical Industries
  • water treatment chemical Industries

Zeolite-13X is used by our clients for following applications:

  • Crystalline structure work as molecular sieve.
  • Use as moisture/ humidity absorber, transport of liquids (such as oils or surfactants).
  • Capacity of physical adsorption and separation of gases, even at low concentrations and in a selective manner thanks to their high specific surface area and to their ordered, rigid microporosity in the molecular size range of the smallest gas molecules.
  • Use as Thermal and heat insulator in glass sheets
  • Gas Adsorption and separation (3A,4A,5A,13X).
  • Oil distillation
  • Catalyst converter
  • Pollution reducing agent.
  • Selective ion exchange, replacing their cations (generally, sodium) with others such as
    calcium and magnesium (that cause water hardness), zeolite reducing water hardness in earth.
  • Automotive emission control
  • Industrial flue gas purification
  • Odor removal from plastic compounds and masterbatches
  • Processing of chemicals and fine-chemicals
  • Production of fuels from renewable sources
  • Production of petrochemical intermediates
  • Heat management
  • Carbon dioxide removed from natural gas.
  • Separation of aromatics.
  • Solvent drying, purification.
  • Oil purification
  • Purification of Polymer plant feed
  • Purification of kerosene and jet fuel
  • Purification of air in insulated windows (double windows)

We offer to our valuable Client:

  • Modifying our standard zeolite powders as per customer requirements
  •  Scaling up your laboratory-scale zeolite recipe to commercial production
  •  Developing and producing zeolites that meet your needs for entirely new

Shreenath Marketing zeolite specialists provide comprehensive technical support in selecting, modifying, developing, and incorporating the optimal zeolite into a diverse range of applications. During a custom research project, we follow a rigorous protocol to maintain confidentiality and to protect our customers’ intellectual property. Our Internal team makes sure all project information remains confidential.