Neutral Sodium Silicate Glass Lumps

Sodium silicate is the most important of the soluble silicates, the commercial product available in water solution or in solid form, very good in transparent visibility also called water glass, or liquid glass. The product has a wide variety of uses, including the formulation of Cement, passive fire protection, textile and lumber processing, manufacture of ceramics as adhesives, and in the production of silica gel.

Production of precipitated silica, corrugated box manufacturing Industries, Paper and Pulp Industries. Adhesive manufacturing industries. Concrete and general masonry treatment for quick bonding, cement formulation, Food Industries, water treatment chemical manufacturing, Bonding agent in Paint industries, zeolite powder manufacturing industries. Petroleum Processing Industries, Soil Grouting, Silica & Allied Chemicals

Ratio of neutral sodium silicate glass is Na2o: Sio2 = 1:3.2 (+/- 2 %)

Shreenat is leading manufacturer in sodium silicate base products, shreenath produce sodium silicate glass in high efficient furnaces with his own technology to serve qualitative products in many different Industries.

Neutral Sodium Silicate Glass (Lump/Cullet) Physical & Chemical Properties.

Description Specification
Na20 (%) 23.00 to 23.20
Sio2 (%) 76.10 to 76.80
Total Solid (%) 98.80 to 99.80
Weight Ratio (Na2o: sio2) 1:3.30 to 1: 3.32
Molecular Ratio 3.40 to 3.50
Molecular weight 184-254
Iron Content (PPM) 40 maximum
Alumina Content (PPM) 0.0001 maximum
Appearance Solid lumps
Colour/ visibility  Colourless transparent
Size of Glass Small lumps
Insoluble present in Glass (%) 0.14
P.H 11 – 12.5
Boiling Point (C°) 101.5 – 102
Water soluble (%) 100
Molecular formula (Na2O)x · (SiO2)y

Our prominent clients belong to the following industries:

  • Our prominent clients belong to the following industries:
  • precipitated silica Manufacturing Industries.
  • Zeolite 4-A/5-A/13 X Manufacturing industries.
  • Soil Grouting Industries
  • Silica & Allied Chemicals Manufacturing Industries.
  • Catalysts Manufacturing Industries.
  • Soaps and Detergents manufacturing Industries.
  • Textile Processing Industries.
  • Paper & Pulp manufacturing Industries
  • Foundries Industries.
  • Adhesives in Paper Board industries
  • Pigment manufacture Industries
  • Waterproofing manufacturing Industries
  • Cement formulation Industries.

Sodium Silicate Glass (Lump/Cullet) are used by our clients for following applications

  • Production of precipitated silica.
  • Zeolite manufacturing
  • Building Products / Construction
  • Petroleum Processing
  • Metals
  • Soil Grouting,
  • Silica & Allied Chemicals
  • Adhesives
  • As Binder in granule making

We transport the product in following packaging options

  • 290-300 Kg M.S Drums
  • Full Truck Load
  • Bulk Shipping (container)