Food Industry

Ankit Silicate we offer chemicals that follow international guidelines for food safety. The main chemicals that we offer for the food industry is precipitated silica and sodium metasilicate. We have approval from CIR with concentration limits and FDA approved as a food additive with the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) rating.

Sodium metasilicate is used in following applications:

  • It preserves eggs without electricity for up to 6 months by keeping out harmful bacteria
  • It is a primary ingredient in desiccant packaging of foods and other degradable items for protection against moisture
  • It protects certain foods from being permeable by absorbing the moisture in the air
  • It acts as a flocculent for certain wines and beers, making them smoother to drink through clarification
  • It is a precipitation aid for colloidal particles in beverages, facilitating easy removal of particles

Precipitated silica is used in following applications:

  • It is used as an anti-caking agent for edible salt, onion, garlic powder and other permissible food products in hoppers, conveyors, spray dryers, and other allied machinery
  • It increases processing efficiency through smoother blending of ingredients
  • It enhances product consistency and enables automated dosing of fruit and vegetable extracts, nutrients, spices and preservatives
  • It facilitates more shipping options with varied temperatures and environment conditions