The adhesives that are manufactured using chemical agents manufactured by us are known for their high binding propensity. The chemicals that we manufacture and supply for manufacturing adhesives are:

Sodium and potassium silicate

  • In the ammunitions industry, it is used to seal combustible nitrated paper to form a conical paper cartridge for holding black powder. It is used to seal lead ball or conical bullet with the open end of the paper cartridge
  • It is the only inorganic adhesive that offer high strength at an economic price and sets rapidly
  • It is used in making paper tubes, multi-layer boards and fibre drums
  • oIt is used as an exhaust system joint and crack sealer for muffler, tailpipes and resonators repair
  • It is used as a high temperature adhesive in critical joint

Precipitate silica

  • It is used to enhance bond strength and as a thickening agent
  • Its dispersed silica particles harden fast within liquid adhesives on contact with solid surface
  • It prevents heat resistance of hot metals
  • It improves adhesion in rubber in fabric and wire coat compounds, facilitating easy and rapid processing.